Vending machines for drinks and snacks

Snack and drink vending machines
Progresso Vending, as a leader in the sector of vending machines, offers highly automated vending machines throughout Italy, and boasts a wide and satisfied customer base.

Present on the market for more than 10 years, the company has established itself as a valid contender, standing out from other companies for the proven professionalism of our staff and the high quality of our products, carefully selected from the best brands of drinks, snacks, and pre-packaged foods.

Hot & cold drink and snack vending machines in Terni

All of Progresso Vending’s vending machines are certified organic and innovative, merging the simple distribution of hot or cold drinks (canned or bottled) and sweet and savoury snacks by inserting a coin, with the innovation of an automatic vending machine: the vending machines are restocked with a wide selection of delicious snacks, drinks (cold or room temperature, fizzy or still), and an assortment of food products for your tea and lunch breaks. We select our products carefully according to four criteria: organic, artisan, GMO-free, zero km.

Tramezzino sandwiches, snack bars, crackers, crisps, croissants, water, tea, pre-packaged snacks… Progresso Vending is committed to selecting only high quality products.

Contact us for more information regarding the technical data sheets of our drink and snack vending machines: Progresso Vending, Via Bartocci 7/Q, 05100 TR, or complete the contact form on our website with the details of your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible!