Vending machines for hot and cold drinks, snacks and pre-packaged snacks

All of Progresso Vending’s vending machines merge the simple distribution of hot or cold drinks (canned or bottled) and sweet and savoury snacks by inserting a coin, with the innovation of Industry 4.0 approved systems which allow remote monitoring of all activity and direct interaction with the end user through a cloud-based application.

These ultra modern easy-to-use touch screen machines are restocked by our restocking agents with a wide variety of delicious snacks, drinks (cold or room temperature, fizzy or still), and an assortment of food products for your tea and lunch breaks. We select our products carefully according to four criteria: organic, artisan, GMO-free, zero km.

Vending machines for offices and businesses

Progresso Vending is one of the first companies in the vending machine sector to offer real vending machine solutions for offices and businesses, providing an all-round service for workers and businesses in Umbria and throughout Italy.

Quality, high standards of service, speed of delivery, simplicity of choice, cutting-edge machines, all in an absolutely safe environment – these are all reasons why our company is the best support for your human resource and building management policies.

Our automated machines are designed for offices, small and medium enterprises and multinational companies, and offer a wide selection of products (cappuccino, ginseng, orzo, decaf, black, macchiato, tea, hot chocolate, etc.).

For more details regarding vending machine solutions for offices and businesses, call our office in Terni on +39 0744 817398.