“Progresso Vending: “High tech” and “low environmental impact” automatic vending machines
according to the European Industry 4.0 directives”.

Top quality

Vending machines at the service of small enterprises and organic producers: top quality certified organic and zero km products from the best food brands.

High technology

Energy efficient state of the art eco-friendly vending machines: inexpensive and energy-saving.

 Low environmental impact

Add value with Progresso Vending: protect your environment with low environmental impact vending machines.


Progresso Vending is considered a leader in the market of “Low Environmental Impact” and “High technology” vending machines.

We provide vending machines throughout Italy thanks to our capacity to manage big national contracts.

The company’s trailblazing spirit and continuous evolution make it possible to serve an ever growing number of clients with proven reliability and efficiency.

Founded 10 years ago, Progresso Vending has always invested in state of the art A++ Class machines and highly qualified staff. The company is certified according to current regulations for high profile automatic vending machines, with a shared Ethical Code of Conduct both inside and outside the company. Every single member of the Progresso Vending team is aware of their role in growing the business, respecting the region, and protecting the environment.

Our organisation, the constant pursuit of quality, the customisation of our services and our unwavering presence in the region, allows us to serve the needs of a wide variety of clients: from families to small and medium enterprises to large multinational companies.