Progresso Vending is a leader in the market of “low environmental impact” and “high tech” vending machines, as well as being one of the top companies in the vending machine market, taking care to select 100% organic and zero km products.

Organic zero km products

By supplying vending machines stocked with organic and zero km products, Progresso Vending has chosen to focus on only high quality solutions, adjusting prices to the needs of the clients and launching a campaign for food safety, OGM-free, gluten free, organic and artisan products to guarantee high quality “always and everywhere”.

The short-chain Progresso Vending automatic vending machine was designed to distribute only Italian and local products, such as single portion fresh seasonal fruit, nutritious snacks, 100% fruit juices with no added sugar, naturally leavened crackers (no salt and no hydrogenated fats), cereal bars, ripened cheese…

All of this is possible thanks to our refrigerated vending machines which guarantee a constant temperature of 0-4° C, keeping food fresh and perfectly intact.

Progresso vending in partnership with BIO4U

Another important factor that allowed us to gain a firm standing in the automatic distribution of organic products on a national level is our partnership with Bio4U, the first certified Italian distributor of BioMachines and their 2500+ products.

This was a very important step for Progresso Vending, a goal that we reached with passion and dedication, and which made it possible for us be a part of the first all-Italian project for stocking vending machines with 100% organic products.

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