A team of vending machine experts in Terni, specialised in technical assistance, sanitising and more.


Progresso Vending has an in-house workshop specialised in technical assistance for vending machines: transport, installation and sanitizing of vending machines are just a few of the activities that our expert and professional team carry out every day.

Cleaning and sanitizing of automatic vending machines

Progresso Vending’s services include the very important aspect of cleaning and sanitizing – activities that have to be planned and carried out meticulously and regularly every time the machine is restocked, using a special kit that is provided.

The cleaning process is one the main steps upon which our concept of vending machines is based, the most important phase of the whole organisation. For this reason, Progresso Vending’s restocking agents are constantly monitored and trained to ensure that they carry out each step of the process according to our scrupulous Quality System

Transport, installation, distribution and restocking of automatic vending machines

The innumerable skills that we have acquired over the years allow us to guarantee an efficient and punctual technical assistance service for vending machines for both public and private clients.

Progresso Vending automated vending machines dispense a wide range of products, from hot and cold drinks to snacks and pre-packaged foods. We use approved thermal food containers for the transport of perishable products to guarantee a constant and suitable temperature during transport.

All of our activities are fully traceable thanks to our rigid corporate management system which monitors, channels and registers all operations in real time, from the collection of products from our warehouses, to the restocking of vending machines, to their delivery to the end user.

The Progresso Vending workshop prepares the vending machines, installs them, and sets them up for the client in accordance with current regulations and quality certifications.


V. Bartocci 7/Q

05100 TERNI (TR)

P. Iva : 01426270557

The offices are open from Monday to Friday
from 8.30 to 17.30.
The distribution service is carried out 7 days a week

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